NRP 74 Synthesis Conference
11 and 12 April 2022, KKL Lucerne

WIC Spring Policy Meeting
10 April 2022, Neubad and Laboratorium Lucerne
11 and 12 April 2022, KKL Lucerne

EHCL Event
10 April 2022, Neubad Lucerne

The conference languages are German, French and English. Simultaneous translation from German and French into English is provided.

A valid Covid certificate of vaccination or a negative test is mandatory for participation in the day programme and the evening events of the Synthesis Conference.

Participation in the conference and the evening program on April 11 is free of charge.

We will take the liberty of contacting you two weeks before the conference to inform you of your participation.

We kindly ask you to deregister from the conference by email if you are unable to attend.

We will inform you if the event must be cancelled due to an official ban.


I will attend the conference programme*

I will attend the evening programme with dinner

I require overnight accommodation
(only for WIC, EHCL, speaker, NFP 74 organisation  committee, NRP 74 steering  committee)

The conference will cover the accommodation of 50 WIC participants. Paper and poster presenters will be prioritized. The remaining accommodations will be decided on a first come/first served basis. Registered WIC participants will be notified immediately when the quota has been filled. Remaining attendees will need to cover the costs of their accommodations.

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